Autumn Trees Painting - Sally-Anne Adams Artist

Asking an artist to write about their work is as silly as asking a writer to knock off a set of watercolours to explain their themes, or an oil portrait to allow us to "see" their main character clearly.


How can a painter explain anything in words? If I could write that’s what I would be doing. I paint because that is how I navigate the world. I absorb the visual, allow it to ferment, and then channel it into a two dimensional plane. It is the reduction that makes the world understandable. The realignment of colours with colours, the remembered landscape and the remembered emotion reproduced and ordered.


Sometimes I “hold” an image in my head for years, sketch it obsessively and then allow myself to paint it. The physical experience of painting it – the stretch of posture, the sweep of arm, the grinding of pigment into canvas is like a ritual. The movement, the memory, the medium an aggressive meditation. The completed image almost an irrelevant afterthought.

Sally-Anne Adams.

Unique and Original Artworks.




I paint because this is how I navigate the world.


From being told "working class girls don't go to art college". Doing "theatre design" as that was a trade not ART. In an era when we watched Dr Who from behind the sofa, where "The Avengers" were new and not the "New Avengers", before e-numbers luckily for us and Curly-Wurlys, and when we all watched the same TV channel every night and laughed with Basil Brush. While the Berlin Wall split families in half and we hadn't yet got a man on the moon.


Brian Sewell had said "There has never been a first-rank woman artist. Only men are capable of aesthetic greatness".


All that is another time. Making our own future. Sharing and unlocking the fascination with beautiful paintings. Enjoy.


Original Acrylic and Watercolour paintings from Sally-Anne Adams.